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Baby Care

Tips for Baby’s Sleep during Fireworks

June 26, 2023

Summer usually brings new sets of loud noises that can impact your baby’s sleep. Fireworks and summer thunderstorms are two examples of very loud events that your baby may have not experienced before, and these can cause challenges for your baby’s ability to sleep. Here are some ways to prepare and help your baby sleep:

  • Try to remain consistent with your bedtime routine. Fireworks usually begin once it is dark, which can mean sometime after 8:30 pm in the summer. Try to make sure that your baby is asleep by 7:30/8:00 pm so that they will be more likely to be in a deep state of sleep when the fireworks begin.

  • Try to make sure that the windows in your baby’s room are closed tightly. Consider placing a white noise machine close to the window and turn the volume up higher to help muffle the sounds of the fireworks.

  • Consider adding additional white noise by using a fan in your baby’s room. Place the fan away from your baby’s crib, so as not to blow the air directly on your baby.

  • If the source of the loud noises is thunder, this may happen more unexpectedly than fireworks. If a thunderstorm wakes your baby and they are fussing/crying, they will most likely need you to provide reassurance and comfort. Follow your instincts and soothe your baby! They will probably need extra snuggles and comfort to be able to relax and fall back to sleep.

  • Ear muffs can be used for babies as long as your baby is awake and you are supervising your little one. However the baby should not be put to sleep wearing ear muffs as this does not support safe sleep practices.

  • Remind yourself that one challenging night due to fireworks or a severe storm may be exhausting, but your little one will most likely be able to resume their normal sleep routine after the loud events have passed. Stay consistent with your bedtime routines and be patient with your little one. A baby has much more sensitive hearing than adults and these very loud noise events can be frightening and damaging to their eardrums if they are too close to the fireworks. Protect your baby by keeping them away from the loudest areas of fireworks displays.