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Owlet® Dream Duo 2

The Dream Duo 2 combines the Dream Sock and Cam 2 and is the only baby monitor to track heart rate and average oxygen as Sleep Quality Indicators—all while streaming HD video right to your phone. Our Predictive Sleep Technology automatically tracks your baby’s sleep & wake windows so you don’t have to, and the Dream App will let you know when Baby might be ready for sleep.
$319$399*Or $26.58/month with

Owlet® Dream Duo

The Owlet Dream Duo with 1st generation Cam is an award-winning baby monitoring system that gives you a complete picture of your baby's sleep. Track your baby's key Sleep Quality Indicators like heart rate, average oxygen level, wakings, humidity, room temperature, and noise level.
$247$369*Or $20.58/month with

Owlet® Sock Travel Case

$30*Or $2.50/month with

Not Just a Baby Monitor

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